Whether you are an employee with years of experience, entry level or even unemployed, you all have to manage your career. Most people think career progression or change when managing their career – what is the best job for me that pays the most? Career management is much more than that. It includes maximizing your benefits, equality and diversity in the workplace, understanding your wages, your legal right to time off, your unemployment rights, appropriate or inappropriate work conduct and so much more. Career management is about your options and rights in the workplace.

While your human resources department may be helpful at times, they work for and represent the company, not YOU. You represent yourself, only you. You are responsible for understanding what accountants, lawyers and human resources have spent years studying and working towards on a day to day basis. We understand that you simply do not have the time to spend searching the internet only to find a possible unreliable answer, if you are even that lucky. Cue Worker Wisdom™ .

Worker Wisdom™ was created to help employees understand their career options and rights. We provide general employment information based on very common questions and concerns. While we do not provide individual advice, we hope that the information provided can lead you in the right direction. Your question may be similar to others, but it would be near impossible to provide the same answer to everyone as every situation has a different set of facts. The information provided is just that, informational. It is important that you understand this that we encourage that you read our Terms and Conditions. If you feel like you need individual advice, you should speak to a licensed professional.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you find what you need and that we could be of some help. Please let us know if you have any recommendations. We would love to hear for you.

Worker Wisdom™

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